A Call to Enlist in the “Vanguard”

church of the Lord Jesus is a mighty spiritual army with King Jesus as its
head. He has given this spiritual army a glorious task and empowered it with
spiritual weapons of warfare as we read in 2 Corinthians 10:3-5. What
are these spiritual weapons of warfare that ac­complish this glorious task?
Scripture shows us the major weapons to be that of preaching and prayer. As the church faithfully preaches the gospel
and earnestly prays for this success, then the Great Commission be­comes a
reality among the nations of the earth. Where
does prayer enter in as a spiritual weapon? Ephesians 6:18-20 states we are to
always be praying for the Lord to empower His preachers to be bold in pro­claiming
the gospel.

Isaiah 62:6-7 is a magnificent call for prayer where we are commanded to give God no rest until He makes Jerusalem (His Church) a praise in the earth.

value of intercessory prayer is seen in Romans 15:30 where Paul said that those
who prayed for him were striving together with him in the cause of Christ. When
we pray for those who are preaching and teaching the gospel, we are engaged in
spiritual battle with them! What an incredible reality! There are no
geographical or age limitations. Many Christians, especially those advanced in
physical age, wonder if they can be actively involved in missions. Here is the
biblical answer. The advance of the gospel desperately needs prayer war­riors. This
brings us to our call for people to become part of the Vanguard for the
. A vanguard consists of those soldiers (elite fighters) who are at
the head of an army, who are the first to engage the enemy. A spiri­tual
vanguard would be those who are indeed prayer warriors. They are those
people who will be persistent in prayer with our Lord until the Great
Commission is fulfilled. A genuine prayer warrior yearns to see God’s
kingdom advanced on earth as it is in heaven as Jesus taught His disciples to
pray. A prayer warrior is relent­less in pleading with God. This prayer
is one who perseveres in prayer. And, a prayer warrior firmly
believes in the power of prayer, having faith that the Lord will do mighty
things through prayer. The GNBS seeks
to bring great biblical truths to the masses of the world through bible courses
that are translated into various languages. Lives are trans­formed by the Holy
Spirit as they diligently study God’s word. Only the power of the Holy Spirit
changes peo­ple; only the word of God is the power of God unto salvation
(Romans 1:16). Thoughts are brought into obedience to Christ by the power of
the Spirit who ap­plies biblical truths to a person’s heart. The gates of
darkness are brought down by the advancing army of God, the church, and the
lead soldiers in this battle are the Vanguard, who are praying
the promises of God into reality. The
Good News Bible Series is recruiting  prayer
to be a part of this Vanguard. Trusting
in God’s enabling grace, we urge you to make a pledge to be a part of this
great prayer company. Strive to­gether with us as we seek to bring bible
courses to the nations of the world.

For becoming a prayer warrior we will send you an electronic copy of John’s booklet.

Yes, I
want to commit to praying on a regular basis to see these Bible courses reach
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