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  1. Scripture’s Unchanging Authority I’m ready to take as well as light conquers darkness. can you keep me updated for when it put up on the site. I’m just so excited about this i have learned a lot from this when i hear people speak on the word i go back to this to verify what they say is true or ill turn to my bible this is a good way of learning the bible.

  2. I have signed up for two courses. Yet, neither of the courses are showing up in My Courses account. I am not able to gain access the courses. Please help. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    • Ronald,

      I see you enrolled as a user, but I don’t see that you actually enrolled in any courses. Try to re-inroll and let me know what happens, especially if you get any error messages.

  3. Regarding the course Scripture’s Unchanging Authority: The Documents for Part 2 and Part 5 have the answers highlighted in yellow. These are the PDFs. I recommend that these Documents be replaced with the documents that do not have the answers marked. Thanks.

    • Earl,
      I don’t see that you read the last page on Church Membership. You have to go to that page to get to the Final test. If that does not work, or you did go to that page, let me know. You can contact me directly so there will not be a delay in my response.

      Christine Otis

    • Joseph,

      Have you finished the Final Test. I am showing it still in progress. Check and be sure it is complete and submitted. Once that is done, and you have passed, you will be able to print the Certificate on the site under your profile. If you still have trouble let me know directly.

      Christine Otis

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